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Coaches Corner

How Good Posture in Putting Leads to the Ball Rolling Towards Your Target!

The most important part of the game of golf is putting.  Putting takes up half of your score or at least is designed to if you look at a score card.  Traditionally on a par four if you hit a green in regulation it takes you two shots, then allows for two putts, hence the 50%.  So why don't we spend 50% of our time practicing putting?  Probably because we like to watch the Big Dog Eat!

One of the keys to successful putting is POSTURE.  If you look at the picture below at left you will notice that I have poor posture, (bent over to much), with my eyes to far over the ball.  This also gets my arms to close to my body and does not allow me to bring the putter back on my intended target line without compensation.  Where your eyes should be is on the inside half of the golf ball as seen in the picture to the right. 

TIP: Heres's how you check to see if your eyes are over the ball correctly at address.  Set up to the target addressing your golf ball in your current golf posture and with another ball in your right hand, (for right handed golfers) hold a ball just off of your right eye, drop it and see where it lands.  If it lands over the ball, (further away) then you are typically too bent over, if it lands at the ball or on the inside half then your eyes are in the correct position and you will have a better chance of hitting it to your intended target.