Apparel Ambassador



Driver- Callaway Epic Sub Zero 9 degree Stiff

Fairway- Callaway Big Bertha Epic 13.5 degree Stiff

3 Hybrid- Callaway Steelhead

​4-PW- Callaway Apex Pro Irons Project X 6.0

Wedge- 50, 54, and 58 degree Callaway Mac Daddy 2

Putter- Odyssey White Hot Pro #7CS

​Ball- Callaway Chrome Soft X


Use A Launch Monitor

When you’re ready for new clubs you may be pushed in a direction of a brand that media tells you to play or stay loyal to a company you have used for years.  This is ok as long as you see YOUR golf professional for a custom fitting with a launch monitor during the process.  Your golf ball will fly at an optimal distance when the key rates have been accomplished.  If one of these rates is not correct then it may affect your distance or accuracy.  The following are rates the launch monitor will be able to measure. Distance Carry- How far the ball goes in the air Total- Combined carry and roll Lateral- How far left or right the ball fly’s Speed (mph) Club- How fast you swing the club Ball- How fast the ball fly’s through the air off the club face Smash Factor-How solid you hit the ball Spin (rpm) Back- How much back spin you put on the ball (one of the most important factors) Side- How much side spin you put on the ball Ball Angles (degree) Launch- The degree the ball takes off into the air from the ground Vertical- Angle the ball moves up Horizontal- Angle the ball moves left or right Decent Vertical- Angle the ball falls to the ground Height (ft.)- Measured at the top of the balls arc Time Flight (s)- How long the ball is in the air Classification- If the ball draws, fades, or goes straight To schedule a club fitting or want to see if the clubs you currently have are the proper fit then schedule an appointment TODAY!!!

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